Crossfit Power and Grace was established in 2018. By combining two existing boxes, Owner and Coach Brian Lahr developed a powerful community. We offer numerous classes and seminars to help you achieve your goals.

Brian Lahr, Owner and Coach

Brian is a USA Weightlifting National Coach, World Champion Powerlifter and owner of both Crossfit Power and Grace and the Bloomington-Normal Barbell Club. Brian has 30 years of personal training experience with 20 years as a personal trainer. He has trained under multiple Olympians and World Champions and has participated in training camps all over the country, including the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Brian has coached/trained people of all ages and skill levels, ranging from beginners to elite athletes. He has the knowledge and experience to help anyone at any point in their fitness journey.

Jason Morgan, Manager and Coach

Jason holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s in Biomechanics from Illinois State University. Jason started personal training in 2014 and gained experience with training groups, athletes and some special populations. He currently holds numerous certifications including CrossFit L1 and USA Weightlifting L1. His passion is in helping others move and feel better in their own bodies through strength training and flexibility training. Jason is a competitive Olympic weightlifter and continues to carry himself as an athlete.

Jake Remmert, Nutrition Coach

Jake’s mission is to empower others with the knowledge, confidence and self-efficacy to achieve their goals within a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. Effective and sustainable nutritional strategies, personalized to the individual, are used to reach your body composition, performance and health goals while always keeping long-term psychological, emotional and physical well-being in mind.

Jake is a certified Nutrition Consultant through the National Academy of Metabolic Science and a certified club coach through USA Powerlifting, where he also competes. He is a current student at Illinois State University and will graduate in 2020 with a B.S. in Exercise Science with honors, is actively involved in resistance training research and plans to complete a PhD in Exercise Physiology.