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Monday Workout 3 23 from CrossFit Power And Grace on Vimeo.

CrossFit Power and Grace – CrossFit


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds “Movement Monday”

– 1:00 Duck Walk

– 1:00 Plank Hip Circles
Perform 3 rounds with as little rest as possible. Stay calm and move with good integrity.


Metcon (Time)


– Box Jumps

– Push-ups

3ea Turkish Get-ups


– Step-overs

– Back Extensions
Score= time. Box jumps can be performed onto a ledge or chair (or subbed for squat jumps). Can sub push-ups for handstand push-ups. If no weight is available for turkish get-ups, balance a shoe on your flat open hand. Step-overs can also be performed on a ledge or chair (or subbed for lunges). Back extensions can be done as reverse hypers on a box/chair (or subbed for supermans)

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